Karen flee Burma army attacks

By February 5, 2010

Myanmar (MNN) — The Thai
government and local military leaders want to force Karen Christians back
into Myanmar, and they're willing to use
military force to clear refugee camps within the next two weeks. 

The camps are full because the Burmese army is
wiping out the Karen. Wes Flint with Vision Beyond
says, "I'm
shocked that the free world is just allowing this to continue." 

The ruling junta has been
battling Christian-majority Karen rebels for decades. Similar army crackdowns forced thousands of
villagers to flee their homes, and they found
their way across the border to Thailand's refugee camps. 

Many of the more-recently displaced were
forced to hide in the Burma jungle. 

Human rights groups protested the
Thai plan to repatriate the refugees in Burma over concern that once back in Myanmar,
the refugees will be subject to "severe
human rights violations, including forced labour and rape by soldiers of the
Burma Army," according to a leader at Christian Solidarity Worldwide. 

No one expects the situation to
improve, but VBB teams are trying to intervene. "We try to create a safe environment for them, to bring them in, to
provide food for them, and medical care."

VBB's Patrick Klein wrote this from Myanmar: "Due to rice fields and crops being destroyed and attacks on villagers by the Burmese army, we have a group of 100 children who are in urgent need of food. They are on the brink of starvation. Currently they are in hiding with their parents inside Burma. Our caretaker in our Shekinah children's home in one of the official refugee camps asked if we can help those children with food and get them out of Burma."

It's dangerous work, but there are friends of the ministry who are trying to get those 100 children to the VBB camp in the mountains.  

Klein says, "If we are able to get them out, we will build housing for them. The parents are ready to die and give whatever food they find to their children for now. Please pray with us that God will make a way for these children and help our attempts to get them safely into one of the camps where we have a Children's Home."

The VBB team delivered 45 bags of rice and medicines to partners who will take all the supplies to the Internally Displaced People inside Burma–those hiding from the Burmese Army.

It's hard to imagine what is going unnoticed in front of so many international eyes. Flint explains, "There's what they would call an 'ethnic cleansing' going on, but it seems that most of their targets are Christians."  

Does their identity as a Christian mark them as Karen–or possibly something more? Flint says, "This persecution has really refined them. They have been great ambassadors to reach out to the Buddhist community–even to those that are persecuting them."

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