Kazakhstan is key to reaching the Muslim world

By January 12, 2005

Kazakhstan (MNN) — As the world is focused on the unreached part of Asia hit by the tsunami, the rest of the unreached world aren’t being forgotten. Christians in Ukraine are excited about the prospect of reaching the Muslim areas of the former Soviet Union.

SEND International has a seminary in Kiev. According to SEND’s Dwayne King these believers have an ambitious goal for Kazakhstan. “Our target is to establish a mission base in the city of Saran to do language and orientation training. There we’ll train in Kazakh language and in Kazakh culture and traditions, to prepare our missionaries.”

Send is not only assisting with the training, but with initial evangelism to help build the church and Americans are very effective. “Whenever you bring in an American often it is a drawing card especially if an American can speak some of their language, Russian and Kazakh.” They also provide Bibles, literature, vehicles and other needs to help the outreach.

King says this ministry is key to reaching the Muslim world. “Our plan is to train Ukrainians to go and ministry amongst the Kazakh people to prepare them to go to all the other Muslim countries out of Kazkhastan,” says King.

The need they have right now is people. “We want people who have the fire of the old Apostles and say, ‘I can’t help myself. I got to go because people are lost and people need the Lord.”

Pray that God will call many to join in this incredible ministry that could change the hearts of people in the Muslim world.

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