Kenya records worst drought since 2000

By September 11, 2009

Kenya (MNN) — The United Nations reports that more than one million Kenyans face the threat of famine as a result of the country's worst
drought since 2000.

The Kenyan government along with World Food Program is in
the process of providing food aid to 3.8 million, but many people still are in
desperate need of food and water. In addition to maize prices sky-rocketing up
to 130% according to BBC News, the government should have stockpiles of maize.
However, what they have now will only last for a few more weeks.

In this dire situation, Kids Alive International has four
residential children's homes there. At these homes, Kids Alive is currently
taking care of 180 kids. They also provide medical care and education for
about 300 people in the surrounding communities.

"Thankfully, all of the children in our homes are able to
have food. But the people in our communities come to us and try to get
help just to get enough food to eat," said Linda Mugo with Kids Alive.

Like the
majority of the population of Kenya, Kids Alive has not been able to plant
their own food because of lack of water. This forces them to buy food at
inflated prices and puts a large strain on their budget.

Another outreach of Kids Alive to the community is called
"Keeping Families Together," which trains parents or guardians in a particular trade
so they can become self-sufficient.

Kids Alive is concerned about more than the physical
well-being of these children and their families. Devotions lead by children and
staff and Sunday school programs have introduced them to Christ's
love. Many of them are responding to this love and turning to Christ, as well as leading other children to Christ.

This spiritual transformation is great for the future
of Kenya, says Mugo. "It means that they get healing for their past heartaches.
Some of these children come from really, really difficult backgrounds. It's
a challenge for us as their guardians to help, but once they can depend on God
for healing from some of those difficult experiences they've gone through, it makes a difference," Mugo said.

Mugo asked for people to partner with them in this time to
make an even greater impact on the future of Kenya.

You can do so by donating to the Keeping Families Together
program for $75 each month or sponsoring an individual child for $35 each
month. Click here for more information.

Mugo also asked for prayer that people around the
world will see the grim reality in Kenya and take action. She also asked for
prayer for the leadership of Kenya in making good decisions.

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