Kenya violence is affecting ministry

By January 3, 2008

Kenya (MNN) — A dispute over last week's presidential voting in Kenya has triggered the worst urban clashes in 25 years and displaced tens of thousands of people in the process. President Mwai Kibaki's narrow re-election victory and his swearing in on Sunday sparked violence across the country. Much of it was along tribal lines, with tit-for-tat killings and arson attacks.

World Gospel Mission has work in Kenya. Speaking from Kenya, WGM's Regional Director for Africa Terry Duncan says, "All of our people have had to remain calm where they are in their homes. No one is traveling because travel has been pretty much blocked for everyone because of security, and some major roads are not even allowed on."

This is unusual for Kenya, says Duncan. "This has been an example to many of the African nations. And democracy has been preached and taught and pretty much demonstrated here. And we would hope that would continue. It's just at a very fragile time right now for us."

Duncan says almost every major city has had violence reported throughout the country. Even if the violence spreads, he says, "We have the national church, which means that the church work that we have started will continue even we would have to leave. But they have been affected by this probably even more that we have as expatriates."

According to Duncan, the displaced are having difficulties. "Relief agencies are here, but they cannot get to those that have been affected — communities that have been displaced. Several thousand people's homes have been destroyed."

He's asking Christians around the world to pray. "Pray that the church would be strong. Pray for those who are displaced at this time — those who have had their homes burned down. Food is in short supply. Pray for the people of Kenya that God will somehow bring a quick end to what has taken place in just a few days here."

During times of uncertainty, there are many opportunities to share the truth of the Gospel. Pray that believers would be bold in their witness.

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