Kenyan Muslims hold prayers as drought worsens

By November 15, 2022

Kenya (MNN) — Muslims in Garissa, Northern Kenya, held prayers for divine intervention against a long-running drought. A lack of rainfall over the last four rainy seasons has 378,000 people on the brink of starvation.

Kenya’s National Drought and Weather Authority says there will be less rainfall this November through December, normally months when the region gets some precipitation.

Muslim religious and political leaders attended the service, which was held at the Garissa Primary School. Nehemiah with FMI says, “Farming activities are dead in the region following the prolonged drought. More livestock have succumbed due to lack of rain and pasture. Human beings are suffering amid a lack of water. Water is a huge, huge issue in this area.”

At the meeting, Local leaders encouraged different groups to work together, stressing that the drought was not caused by any of them.


Nehemiah traveled to this area earlier this year. He saw the poverty, the lack of basic infrastructure, and the desolation caused by the drought.

But Christians near Garissa face additional problems as well. Nehemiah says, “They experience persecution daily. Their churches are often damaged with stones. Whenever they move or walk in the streets, people chant at them because they are a very, very tiny minority. The girls who come to their churches are very vulnerable.”

“Muslim boys from a Somalian background often try to kidnap them and take them back to their villages.”

Christians make up less than one percent of the population in this area, near the border with Somalia.

Pray this region receives rain and ask God to strengthen the local church. Many FMI partners serve in the area, regardless of the danger.



Header photo courtesy of FMI. 

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