Kenya’s turmoil triggers underlying problems

By January 8, 2008

Kenya (MNN) — Audio Scripture Ministries partners in Kenya reported that the greatest danger is being out and about. 

There are roving vans on the roads around the airport in Nairobi, attacking at random. "Many of our partner ministry teams left Nairobi and went to their villages. The ones who were in town basically were forced to hole up in their homes; that is, they are trying to get off the roads and just out of sight until things calm down," said ASM's Tom Dudenhofer.

While there is some traffic moving through Nairobi, there are blockades and attempts to hold large rallies, causing difficulty traveling to and from the airport.

Tom Dudenhofer says, "The turmoil triggers all kinds of underlying problems, and it's not all political. It's just an excuse for many of the people to engage in random violence. So it's really important for people to pray." He says the political tribalism moves quickly to random violence because there are so many people without jobs and so many people in gangs.

As their partner ministries look to the future, the current situation may open doors for people to
hear the Gospel. "People are going to be looking for some answers. The country of Kenya is known as having a long-time influence of Christianity but that the Christianity in the country is very shallow," said Dudenhofer. He said
that Kenya is one of the worst places for corruption in Africa. "There's a lot of shallow, moral dissatisfaction with the way things have been going, and people really, really
need to get a grip on what it means to be a Christian. They need to get into God's Word, which is one of the real causes for so much of the shallow Christianity."

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