Keys for Kids launches Mandarin project

By March 8, 2024

Asia (MNN) — Mandarin is the heart language of more than one billion people worldwide. Soon, millions of kids and young adults who use Mandarin at home will have access to the Gospel, thanks to Keys for Kids.

Executive Director Greg Yoder says, “We’re in the midst of a campaign to get Keys for Kids and Unlocked into the Chinese language. It’s all being contextualized, and it’s going to be something that isn’t available [right now.]”

Learn more here. Keys for Kids is also working on faith-based audio drama programs and developing resources for children’s camps, like Vacation Bible School.

“Some of those have already been done, and we’re super excited about the response,” Yoder says.

While mainland China holds the most Mandarin speakers, other hotspots include the United States and Canada, with three million and 450,000 Mandarin users, respectively. That’s precisely where Keys for Kids is heading first.

“We want to reach out to North American Chinese churches and provide a resource for first-generation Christians.”

A lot of work is left to do, and it comes with a hefty price tag.

(Photo courtesy of Keys for Kids)

“We have about a half year of audio production for the Keys for Kids [devotional], and then we need to start completely on the Unlocked teen devotional,” Yoder says.

“We need about $50,000 to begin this process.”

Your gift is doubled through a matching grant here.

Most importantly, pray. “We know that Satan hates the work that we’re doing, especially when we talk about youth,” Yoder says.

“Secondly, we’re asking people to give generously. Somebody has stepped to the plate and will match each dollar up to $25,000; we’re about halfway there.”



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