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By August 27, 2015
(Photo cred: Keys for Kids)

(Photo courtesy Keys for Kids)

USA (MNN) — Are your kids in a saving relationship with Jesus Christ?

Maybe they’re too little right now to have that conversation with them, but one day you will. Having resources like the ones from Keys for Kids Ministries will be a huge help.

“That’s what Keys for Kids Ministries is all about: pointing kids to the Gospel,” says Keys for Kids’ new executive director, Greg Yoder.

“Every single day, that’s what you get through our devotionals and even if you listen to our drama series.”

Yoder has some big plans in mind for continuing Keys for Kids’ mission: reaching children and their families for Christ.

Why do kids matter?

As any pastor knows, connecting with the Next Generation is vital for a church’s survival. It’s true for Christianity in general, too.

(Photo credit: Zaneology via Flickr) cc2.0

(Photo credit: Zaneology via Flickr) cc2.0

But in today’s tech-savvy world, more and more voices are vying for kids’ attention and decisions.

“We have two worlds that are colliding,” says Yoder. “We’ve got the Christian worldview, which obviously is biblically-based, but then we have all these other worldviews.

“Keys for Kids Ministries is needed more than EVER before, because of that very [reason].”

Keys for Kids hasn’t stopped proclaiming Christ’s Good News to children in its 73 years of existence. They plan to keep it up for another 73 years, but they’ll need your help to get it done!

What’s Keys for Kids doing right now?

Keys for Kids Ministries has “spoken the language of kids” in a myriad of different ways over the past several decades. From radio to TV to print, Keys for Kids has utilized changing media.

But they’ve never changed their core message, Yoder explains.

(Photo courtesy Keys for Kids via Facebook)

(Photo courtesy Keys for Kids via Facebook)

“You’re getting that in every single thing that we do: the Gospel,” he says.

Today, children can read and listen to Keys for Kids devotionals and dramatized programs online. Or, with parents’ approval, kids can download the Keys for Kids mobile app.

“Keys for Kids Ministries does have an app, [and] I want to make that app the most incredible thing that young people can come to,” says Yoder.

According to a 2013 study from Common Sense Media, 72% of U.S. kids under the age of 8 use a mobile device at least 15 minutes a day.

“We want to be there for kids who don’t know Jesus,” Yoder says.

“We want to make sure it’s a safe place for them, too, [where] they can get to know God, get to know who Jesus is, so they can come to that saving knowledge of Jesus and then begin in that walk with Him.”

How can I help move it forward?

(Photo courtesy Keys for Kids via Facebook)

(Photo courtesy Keys for Kids via Facebook)

Keys for Kids needs your help to reach the Next Generation for Christ.

Click here to join their team.

“We’re just one generation away from losing our Christian heritage,” notes Yoder.

“So we want to make sure that Keys for Kids isn’t only here, but that it’s actually effective. And the only way to be effective is to invest in what we’re doing, so that we can get the technology that we need to be in front of kids.”

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