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By June 27, 2014
Keys For Kids Ministries

Keys For Kids MinistriesUSA (MNN) — You may remember Children’s Bible Hour with Uncle Charlie. It morphed into CBH Ministries and Down Gilead Lane. Now, it’s taken on a new name and has some pretty big plans. Keys For Kids Ministries plans to reach kids 24/7.

Executive Director of Keys For Kids Ministries Terre Ritchie describes what they did. “We did add a ministry logo for our publishing division and also our internet radio division that used to be called–something you’re familiar with–His Kids Radio. It is now called Keys for Kids Radio, or KSKR as we like to call it, and we hope to have it running this fall.”

Keys For Kids will continue publishing their devotional for kids. You can get a copy at You can also listen to the feature each day.

Ritchie says in addition, full-time radio for kids is also planned. “It’s internet radio right now. We haven’t even gotten into the particulars of having our first brain-storming meeting about it, so we’re hoping to answer a lot of those questions and get this thing on the road.”

Radio will also help foster discipleship. “We’re going to connect Keys for Kids Radio to our online Bible study called, That’s toad, t-o-a-d: We have 36 Bible lessons up there that kids can go through.”

But that’s not all. Kids For Kids just started something new. “We just started a brand new radio drama called, Red Rock Mysteries. That started on the air on May 3. We’re getting a lot of comments on that. It’s adapted from a book series from Chris Fabry,” says Ritchie.

On top of all that, Kids For Kids has just moved to a new building.

While Ritchie is encouraging you to pray for all of these new initiatives, none of them can happen without your financial support. “We’re needing $150,000. Right now we only have $16,000 of that. We’ve just really worked to get [the Gospel] to kids in as many avenues as possible. We’re just praying that the Lord will use every single one of those to glorify Himself.”

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