Keys for Kids Radio: where faith meets fun

By February 8, 2021

USA (MNN) — Think back to February 8th, 2020 – what was your daily routine? Chances are, it looked a lot different than it does today.

In the U.S., we’ve endured nearly 12 months of shutdowns and reopening, event cancellations, remote work, and distance learning. Whether your kids are back in the classroom now or still learning from home, Keys for Kids Ministries has a resource for you.

Keys for Kids Radio allows your kids to listen to music and stories from anywhere, anytime!
(Graphic, caption courtesy of Keys for Kids Ministries via Facebook)

“People are stuck at home; they want something for their kids to do, and they start searching [online] for ‘Christian kids radio’ or ‘kids’ devotionals,’ and they find Keys for Kids Radio,” Executive Director Greg Yoder says.

“It’s a radio station of faith and fun for everybody, but especially for kids four to 14.”

With hosted Christian music, radio dramas, and special programming, Keys for Kids Radio provides more than entertainment. It points kids to Christ.

“About 70% [of people] who come to know Christ do so between their fourth and 14th birthday. We need to have radio [programming] for kids to know who Jesus is and grow in their faith as they’re listening,” Yoder says.

Check it out at the Keys for Kids Radio website or download the Keys for Kids app. “There is a way to live stream right there,” Yoder says.

Kid-friendly and Christ-centered

Life under lockdown introduced numerous changes for families throughout the U.S. Keys for Kids’ devotionals proved extremely valuable for parents in 2020 as the pandemic altered daily routines. Keys for Kids Radio offers another Christ-centered safe haven parents can trust.

“We had double the amount of listening in January 2021 as we did in January 2020,” Yoder notes.

“Families are looking for truth, and they want to have a safe place for their kids to listen. Keys for Kids Radio has become that, and it’s allowing us to fulfill our mission of igniting a passion for Christ in kids, teens, and families worldwide.”

Keys for Kids Ministries needs your help to keep this media outreach going. You can give online here to support Keys for Kids Radio.

“Kids can’t necessarily support a radio station. They don’t have very good jobs,” Yoder jokes.

“If you believe in kids’ ministry, and you’d like Keys for Kids Radio to continue, we certainly would love to have your support.”



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