Keys for Kids’ WORD with Zach program connects kids to God’s story

By June 3, 2020

United States (MNN) — It’s summer, and that means Keys For Kids Ministries has launched its annual WORD with Zach program aimed at connecting kids with God’s story through the Bible.

Greg Yoder talks about how the idea was born. “This is the third year that we’ve been doing the WORD with Zach summer reading program. I came up with the idea three years ago, driving into work. I heard someone talking about the library offering a summer reading program for kids. And I thought, why couldn’t we do that and then offer prizes?”

Empty schoolroom due to COVID-19 (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

The program started on June 1 and will run through June, July, and August. Kids who follow the reading program by reading the Keys for Kids Devotional and their Bibles will qualify for prizes.

The goal, Yoder says, is to draw kids and their families closer to Christ. As COVID-19 has kept most people in their homes, Yoder says, “Families wanted quality time together. They were tired of watching movies together, they’re tired of crafts and things like that. They wanted to find time to really get grounded in the Word.”

Yoder says many people in the United States don’t have an accurate picture of what the Bible teaches about the Gospel. Keys for Kids wants to reach kids between ages 4 and 14. “We’ve got 10 years to really have some quality time in reaching kids, instructing kids, turning them to the Word. Hopefully, through the Holy Spirit, they will be drawn to Christ and grow their faith and become multipliers of their faith.”

(Photo courtesy of Keys for Kids Ministries on Facebook)

How to participate

Yoder says those wanting to get involved can download the Keys for Kids app, grab a print or audio Bible, and follow the reading plan.

Keys for Kids’ stories are fiction, but they are set in the real world with real situations kids might face. Yoder says, “Last year, we had so many families that called us. One six-year-old girl came to Jesus. We have another family that [was] struggling and they were really not sure what to do. And as they were reading the Keys for Kids stories . . . it was exactly what they were going through in their families.”

Pray that many kids will be drawn closer to Christ through the “WORD with Zach” program.



Keys for Kids Ministries launches its WORD with Zack program during the months of June, July, and August each year. (Image by lonnie jeffries from Pixabay)

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