Keys for Kids brings spiritual aid to Texas

By October 2, 2017

USA (MNN) – Texas is still recovering from hurricane Harvey. The category three hurricane hit the state about a month ago, leaving parts of the region underwater. But, after relief aid was distributed, what other help could be needed? Well, spiritual aid.

Sending Aid

GOES-16 captured this geocolor imagery of Hurricane Harvey on the verge of making landfall on the Texas coast on August 25, 2017. (Photo, caption courtesy of NOAA Satellites via Flickr:

Executive Director of Keys for Kids Ministries, Greg Yoder shares, “We were able to send about 17,000 devotional books and regular books. One of the books that we have is called “Seasons of Faith,” and it has to do with disaster.

“So, we sent those picture books down. It’s for younger kids. So, it was really great how we were able to partner with International Aid.”

The books were sent in tandem with International Aid’s hygiene packs. Still, sending down the devotionals had a price tag attached. And, rather than backing down, Keys for Kids decided to go ahead and send the books out on faith. Soon enough, donations came through the door to get the books to where they needed to go and replace the ones that were sent.

The ministry sent down every last one of their Spanish devotionals as well. Yet, with sending these down, along with its previous devotionals and even devotional samples, the ministry was only able to meet about half of the need in Texas.

Why It Matters

When you think about it, a lot of these kids don’t really have much while they wait to return back to some type of normalcy. Some have been staying in shelters, with little to keep them busy.

Now, they can at least learn about Jesus in this time of disaster. And, while Harvey was anything but good, it opened Keys for Kids up to a different type of ministry.

“This is something that Keys for Kids is going to be doing in the future. You know, reaching out in times of emergency, to kids who are struggling,” Yoder says.

“Because let’s face it, kids kind of hold it in their hearts sometimes. They don’t really let it all come out and they don’t know where to turn. And when they have questions about where God is, where do they find the answers?”

(Photo courtesy Keys For Kids)

Keys for Kids helps kids find the answer in Scripture. The stories even help get their minds off of their own life problems, even if for only a little while.

“Some of these stories are just so infectious in really pointing out the truth of who Jesus is. And not just leading them to Christ, because that’s not enough, but taking them down that road of life and having that communion with God,” Yoder explains.

Continuing Discipleship

And though it’s going to be hard staying in touch with these kids from Texas, Keys for Kids is partnered with other organizations to help make sure they are reached with the Gospel and then discipled. In a way, these devotionals act kind of as a key to get the Gospel through the door and into their lives.

“I’m hoping [the kids] sign up for Keys for Kids and that they’ll become regular subscribers, or they’ll listen to our kids’ radio network and be able to hear about Jesus all the time. But, I don’t know,” Yoder shares. “Sometimes you have to leave it in the hands of the Holy Spirit to really watch them come to Jesus.”

Pray for the kids to be impacted by the Gospel. Also, pray for their safety and recovery. Pray for churches and other ministries to come alongside these kids and disciple them. And finally, ask God to provide the needed resources to keep sending these devotionals to Texas, and for Keys for Kids to be able to print more for future times of need.

Finally, will you consider giving to help get these devotionals in the hands of kids in Texas? Keys for Kids is beginning to work on a new devotional that will be specifically focused on disaster. Would you consider donating to this project as well?

Click here to help provide aid to Harvey victims!

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