Keys for Kids to play in Albania

By January 13, 2015
Image courtesy of Keys for Kids Ministries

(Image courtesy Keys for Kids Ministries)

Albania (MNN) — Ministries usually focus on one or two people groups, or a region. Keys for Kids Ministries focuses on a very special people group: children.

In 2014 Keys for Kids Ministries was able to raise sufficient funds through a grant that will allow them to partner with Radio 7 in Albania.

Terre Ritchie, executive director of Keys for Kids Ministries, is very excited about the project. She says, “They are translating our Keys for Kids devotionals into a daily radio broadcast for kids in Albania. They not only minister there, but they also broadcast into Kosovo and reach about 1.2 million people.”

They have tried several projects with the Albanian radio station, but Keys for Kids material seems to be the project that will work best.

The staff at Radio 7 has all of the materials to begin translating and producing the program.

So, why is this so important? Radio 7 broadcasts many different programs, ones we would find familiar in the United States.

“But they don’t have anything for children, and they’ve been looking for a long time,” Ritchie says.

When Radio 7 explained their need to Keys for Kids Ministries, they were willing to help. While  Radio 7 can’t always pay for the translation process, Keys for Kids is more than willing to give them the material for free.

Ritchie, from her point of view, explains why they are thrilled to help other radios get material for children, “Children are…just so dear to my heart. I just really am excited to hear that God is taking a simple thing like a devotional for children and is able to spread that worldwide because God’s Word is involved in it. It’s part of teaching children how to grow up in Christ, how to accept Christ as their Savior, how to just really change their whole life at a very young age.”

In many areas of the world, Biblical resources for children are not easy to find. This is true in Kosovo. Keys for Kids will give them exposure to the Gospel, and they don’t have to pay or go anywhere for it.

Does Keys for Kids Ministries mirror your passion for children to receive the Gospel? You can help support them.

Ritchie explains, “Keys for Kids ministries is like a machine. We are always producing things, and that machine needs to be fed. We have editors, we have program producers, we have people we pay to do the music, and all these kinds of things.” Can you help support this outreach to children?

There is a great need for financial support so they can produce the Keys for Kids devotional book every three months.

And there is another way you can help if you can’t help financially. “Boy, we need a lot of prayer to make this thing work all the time.

“We just appreciate all those that have given for so many years, [as well as] those that have come on board just this year.”

Ritchie, though she doesn’t speak Albanian, is anxious to hear Keys For Kids played on Radio 7.

“I’m just extremely excited to get this thing going,” she says.

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