Kids Alive working to help girls in Guatemala

By October 20, 2015
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(Photo credit Kids Alive)

Guatemala (MNN) — In Guatemala, Kids Alive International is working to restore young girls who’ve been incredibly abused.

These are girls who’ve been kidnapped, forced into prostitution and child pornography, and have become young mothers due to rape. Some are as young as 13. Needless to say, Guatemala is one of the most dangerous places to be a kid.

However, through Kids Alive’s Oasis program, these girls are learning what it means to be loved.

Oasis is a family-style home where the girls are able to receive counseling, health care, and an education. It’s a place of safety amid extremely difficult circumstances

Part of the Oasis mission is finding justice for the girls. To do this, Oasis staff works with local authorities and International Justice Mission to put perpetrators on trial and usually behind bars.

At the moment, there are 40 open cases in-process.

(Image courtesy Kids Alive)

(Image courtesy Kids Alive)

What’s most life-changing, though, is the Gospel. It’s been the Gospel, and the other services, which have set the Oasis apart. Last year, 21 girls gave their lives to Christ and were baptized.

But it gets better. Oasis doesn’t focus just on the girls, but on the restoration of their entire family. Because of this, some families are becoming families for the first time. Through the Gospel these girls have found healing, and their families are finding restoration.

Oasis staff want to see these girls become “strong young ladies…be lights in their homes, their communities, and their churches.” You can help!

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