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By July 15, 2011

USA (MNN) — As parents of 19 kids, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar know a thing or two about parenting. And as devoted Christians with a love for God, they know the importance of passing this knowledge and love for Christ on to their children. That's why they opened up their lives to the world in the TLC reality show "19 Kids and Counting." It is also why the Duggars linked arms with The Seed Company to promote the KidsDiscover program.

The opportunity for the KidsDiscover program to partner with the Duggar family is truly a blessing. Jonathan Kern with The Seed Company says, "The Duggar family, they have a very significant audience. They have a number of visitors to their Web site, some of them seeking guidance for parenting issues… So the Duggar family [is] partnering with ministries that can provide some quality content for the people who come to their Web site."

The KidsDiscover program is a free, interactive and online resource for parents. They can sign up for 10 weeks of either the Old Testament or New Testament program. Each week features a Bible story and fun activities: the perfect way to spend summer days while learning about God.

In addition to Bible stories and activities, along the way kids will learn about people in other countries who don't have God's Word in print. Some people hear about God through story-telling.

This partnership with The Seed Company allows the Duggar family to put a link on their popular TV show Web site, connecting people to the KidsDiscover page. In this way, parents who visit the Duggar's Web site for parenting advice or ideas can easily find this wonderful resource to help teach the Bible to their kids.

Kern states, "[The Duggars] want to instill in families–especially in the younger generation–a love for God's word and a compassion for those in the rest of the world who don't have the Word."

This incorporates the passion of The Seed Company and their OneVerse program which works to translate the Bible into the heart languages of all people groups. In this way, children can also learn to have compassion for others who have no printed Scriptures.

One 9-year-old who was doing the KidsDiscover program with her dad got excited about The Seed Company and how they teach people around the world about God. She asked her dad, and they drove up to The Seed Company's location in Dallas, Texas to volunteer for a day.

Kern says, "These young people–their hearts are being moved to have compassion for the lost. So we're very excited about that."

Many have gotten involved already. Entire Sunday school classes have signed up for the KidsDiscover program. To get involved, you can sign up and get involved in promotion through Facebook. Or simply tell other parents about it. If you want to learn more about the program, click here.

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