Kids do the most amazing things

By August 27, 2013

USA (MNN) — It’s amazing what kids can do.

Mackenzie Howell (7) wrote 'Leila's Big Difference' to help children in Haiti, and friend Jace Theriot (9) illustrated it. (Image courtesy BGR)

Mackenzie Howell (7) wrote ‘Leila’s Big Difference’ to help children in Haiti, and friend Jace Theriot (9) illustrated it. (Image courtesy BGR)

Two years ago at Langham Elementary School in Nederland, Texas, five year-old Mackenzie Howell was deeply moved by a children’s documentary about the 2010 earthquake. She desperately wanted to help kids in Haiti who, in her words, “had lost their moms, their dads, their homes and their schools.”

But, she faced a big challenge: what could a little girl do to tackle such a huge problem?

With childlike faith and the courage inherent to a five year-old heart, Howell faced the challenge head-on. She sold homemade crafts and cookies to raise funds for a Baptist Global Response (BGR) school project in Haiti.

Now, at age seven, she’s helping the children of Haiti once again.

With the help of her mom, grandmother and friend, nine year-old Jace Theriot, Howell wrote “Leila’s Big Difference.” Her family had 100 copies of the book printed, and Howell set a goal of raising $500 to help children in Haiti.

So far, she’s surpassed that goal by at least $1,500.

A believer in a nearby town heard about Howell’s book and bought one for every child in their Vacation Bible School, which was already planning to focus on the needs in Haiti. Howell and Theriot were invited to read their story at the VBS.

“Mack and Jace were nervous to speak in front of almost 100 people,” says Howell’s mother, Alison. “But they did great!”

The initial print run of 100 books led to second run of 100. Those also went quickly and another 200 were ordered. As of July 30, 2013, Howell had sold nearly 400 copies of “Leila’s Big Difference.”

The proceeds, over $2,000, will support BGR’s follow-up work from the 2010 earthquake.

“This has been a wonderful experience. It is so exciting to see how God is moving!” Alison says. “Our goal is to bring Mackenzie to Haiti during the summer of 2015. Until that time, we will pray and give!”

Pray more workers will rise up with a heart like Mackenzie’s. Pray her efforts will allow children in Haiti to hear about their Savior.

You can order a copy of “Leila’s Big Difference” by clicking here.

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