Kids encounter Jesus through mobile ministry and a ‘tough’ talk

By May 22, 2013

Romania (OM/MNN) — The Bus4Life is"ministry on wheels" that shares the Gospel throughout Central Europe. The Bus4Life engages youth with sports, games, face painting, singing, drama, and short messages.

At a recent stop in Romania, over 70 kids heard about Christ! One teen placed his faith in Christ after hearing the Gospel from OM team members.

Pray that this young man will remain faithful in his walk with God. Your prayers are also needed for the Bus4Life ministry.

OM's 12-ton bus is very old and is becoming increasingly difficult to keep on the road. At every destination, the team must stop for repairs to be made on the bus.

"We fix one part, investing a lot in spare parts and mechanic fees," says a member of the Bus4Life team. "And then, another part is falling apart."

Ask the Lord to provide another vehicle for the Bus4Life ministry.

George Verwer, OM's founder, also stopped by Romania recently. After speaking to over 1,000 young people at a conference in Dillenburg, Germany, Verwer headed over to the Romanian Brethren Assembly's annual gathering.

Verwer spoke on tough issues like pornography and abortion, and challenged youth to live a pure life. His openness amazed many in the audience, including one young man who approached Verwer during lunchtime.

"I have never heard somebody talking about pornography, even though this is such a big issue in Romania, too," stated the young man.

Pray for Romania's young people to stand firmly on the Truth of Christ. Pray that many will come to know Him as Savior.

Abortion, the other "big issue" Verwer addressed, has a death grip on Romania.

"In Romania, every 108th second, one abortion takes place," says the field leader of OM Romania. "Since 1958, over 22 million abortions have taken place. This is the actual number of the Romanian population.

"We killed our doctors, our teachers, our scientists–all who are supposed to pay the pensions for the older generation."

Romania has the highest abortion rate in Europe and is near the top worldwide. According to Operation World, three children are killed before birth for every child born.

Pray that the Romanian Church can stand up against infanticide in their nation.

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