Kids in India lead the way in evangelism; your kids could help

By May 16, 2012

India (MNN) — Anyone familiar with the global missions world has likely heard about the church boom in India. Despite the still low percentage of believers in the country, the church is growing fast. But it may surprise you to know how young the movement is, and who is helping inspire it.

"India has been closed to the Gospel for centuries. And now, just in the last few years, it is open for the first time as never before in history," explains Dave Stravers of Grand Rapids, Michigan-based Mission India. "It's open especially because the children of India are open."

Children have been an integral part of the Gospel spread in India.

"Children are enthusiastic, brave evangelists," explains Stravers. "Our staff in India say, ‘Don't tell us that children are the future leaders of our country. Children are the current leaders of our country, because they're the ones that are making an impact for the Gospel like no one else.'"

When children learn about Christ at a Bible club, for instance, they take the news home with them. Think about the enthusiasm and excitement the kids in your own life bring to every bit of good news. Children in India are no different, and they certainly get excited about the love and saving grace of Jesus Christ.

At the same time, in order for kids in India to get revved up about the Gospel. they have to hear it to begin with. Mission India is teaching thousands of kids about Christ through Children's Bible Clubs, and kids are thrilled to join in the lessons.

"Our staff in India believe that there are at least 10 million kids in India that would enroll tomorrow if only we could provide them the opportunity," adds Stravers.

But there are 358 million kids to reach in India–more children under 15 in that one nation than there are people of any age in the entire population of the United States. How can Mission India reach all of them?

Enter My Passport to India, a program we introduced at MNN on Monday in part one of this Mission India series. My Passport to India is a 10-video virtual tour of India, connecting kids in the West with everyday life in India. Kids who participate get a free mini suitcase, a virtual passport, instructions on how to take the video tour with tour guide Chris, and more. As the kids learn about India, they can raise a few dollars for the Bible Clubs. It only takes one dollar to send a child to a Bible Club, a fairly simple goal for many kids in the West.

The idea is to spread the Good News to more kids in India, but over the last year, Mission India has discovered that My Passport to India has not only transformed lives in India, but it's transformed the lives of kids learning about India and sending loose change. Children in the United States, for example, get just as excited to share with others how God's working in India as kids in India get to share about God's love.

Change the lives of the children around you, and those in India through this free program. To learn more and sign up, click here or on the banner on the MNN homepage.


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