Kids learn about God in OM camp

By March 4, 2016

Russia (MNN/OM) — Russian winter holidays last 10 days and are one of the most favorite times of year for teenagers and kids who have no lessons and can enjoy winter sports like sledging, skiing, skating. For many years, Operation Mobilization Russia and local churches have organized a camp where young people can use this time not only for rest, but also to learn more about God.

(Photo Courtesy Operational Mobilization)

(Photo Courtesy Operational Mobilization)

This year the main theme of the camp was Olympic games. Students reflected on Biblical topics through the analogy of sports, such as Who is your Coach? and What will a foul cause? They also enjoyed outdoor excursions, adventures, and sports games.

30 young people from the ages of 11-12 took part in the camp, which was held in one of the most picturesque places in Siberia. Some of them had been to such camps many times, but for several, it was their first time attending a Christian camp.
Among the participants there were some children at risk. It is not always easy for them to get along with others. One of the girls, *Kate,, always tried to avoid meeting people.

But this camp was a special one for her.

“This time she wanted to get in touch and talk more to people,” shared Oksana Bekina, who is involved in Children at Risk ministry. “Kate came up with many questions about God, church, and repentance. She has heard a lot about God and now she has some questions in her heart.”

Pray for Kate and the other kids who participated in the camp. Some of them realized that it is impossible to live without God’s help and it is important to trust Him. Some also began to attend a church regularly.
* Name changed

[Story written by Aleksandra Kirsanova]

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