Kids’ radio reaches young children with God’s Truth worldwide

By June 25, 2009

International (MNN) — When kids are exposed to something early in life, they are more likely to follow the way of thinking and/or allow it to impact their lives later on in life.

This is also true about reaching kids with the Gospel at a young age. For HisKids.Net, this is their main goal.

His Kids Radio began 20 years ago, and with the internet it has expanded intoHisKids.Net.

"His Kids Radio is one part of HisKids.Net, which is a Web site where a lot of Christian children's broadcasters come together and say 'we want to make our ministry and our audio resources available to as many families as possible,'" said Dodd Morris, director of HisKids.Net.

Morris said HisKids.Net is much like any other Christian radio station, except that it is geared towards kids. Throughout the day, there ar songs, stories, nutty news, song requests, giveaways, and Christian  programs for children.

"Our focus is faith and fun," Morris said. The programs and songs are intended for kids 8-10 years of age, but HisKids.Net's audience ranges from 2 to 102, Morris said.

There are several different ways kids and their families can listen to HisKids.Net. First, in dozens of communities, His Kids Radio can be heard on a sub-channel radio along with the local Christian station. These channels are available in parts of West Michigan, Chicago, Minneapolis and several other areas.

Another option is to go online and listen to His Kids Radio anywhere in the world at HisKids.Net. However, for people who have WiFi and do not want to be tied to their computer, they can buy a WiFi family radio. This will allow them to hear His Kids Radio and dozens of other Christian channels; WiFi is also available worldwide.

For parents concerned about the security and safety of this radio, the 10,000 stations usually available on this radio are not accessible. Yet, if parents want some flexibility, there is a personal menu to add favorite stations, such as jazz, classical, sports or anything else.

"So, it's a combination of the fun interactive stuff that we do and then the imaginative side of communicating God's truth through radio drama or just Bible teaching for kids," Morris said. "People all around the world really can use His Kids radio to come to an understanding of the simple truth of God's plan of salvation."

If you or your kids would like to listen to His Kids Radio, go to HisKids.Net or call 1-800-819-KIDS. You can also go to the His Kids Web site to listen or to find out more about WiFi radio.

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