Kids teaching kids Gospel truths through television ministry

By June 8, 2018

MENA (MNN) – In traditional education settings, children usually learn from adults. But what about when it comes to learning about Jesus? SAT-7, a Christian satellite TV ministry to the Middle East and North Africa, believes that children have a lot to offer when it comes to matters of faith.

In 2014 as the refugee crisis continued to balloon, SAT-7 brought the story of Myriam to the forefront. Myriam is a young Iraqi girl who had been displaced from her home. While she was sad and didn’t understand why ISIS had forced them from their home, she said she prayed for God to forgive them.

Myriam’s testimony was a powerful reminder of God’s love and forgiveness for all people. Her story was broadcast across SAT-7 Kids, the very channel she watched herself to learn more about Jesus.

(Image capture and header photo courtesy of SAT-7)

Dennis Wiens of SAT-7 USA says, “SAT-7 Kids launched as a channel 10 years ago and everybody said that’s impossible to do—an Arabic language channel with children. And what’s unique about SAT-7 Kids is it’s children and youth producing programs for children and youth in the Middle East. So it’s Middle East children speaking to their peers.”

This unique approach has enabled children, who have lost almost every sense of “home” they ever knew, to relate to one another. Wiens points out that what everyone thought was impossible has now passed an impressive anniversary. And the channel continues to touch hearts.

He says, “Probably the greatest distribution across the Middle East and North Africa of the Gospel is SAT-7 Kids and there’s so many testimonials of people watching.”

And while SAT-7 can’t know the full extent of their reach, they do know, through stories like Myriam’s, that this method of learning about God, peer-to-peer, has been effective.

Wiens says programs like SAT-7 Kids are important because these children are the ones who will build the Church going forward.

“The future of the Middle East is children, is youth. And we need to speak into their realities and help them understand what they’re going through from a Christian worldview, biblical values, and empower Christian children and youth and that’s what we’re doing in SAT-7 Kids.”

So as they move on into their 11th year of producing biblical content, there are a few ways you can respond. First of all, Wiens asks, “Pray for the Myriams of the Middle East.”

Ask God to help the stories that these children share to resonate with the viewers, both children and adults alike. Pray for the Gospel to bring healing to the refugees and displaced people in the Middle East and North Africa.

You can also walk alongside SAT-7 financially. Learn more, here.

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