Kigali Festival celebrates reconciliation

By July 28, 2009

Rwanda (MNN) — It's
been fifteen years since the Rwanda Genocide, in which around one million people
lost their lives in one hundred days.

Now, "the people of
Rwanda continue the hard work of healing and restoration, laying the groundwork
for a strong future," according to Luis Palau Association.

To celebrate the reconciliation that's taken place in the last 15 years, the Kigali Festival was held on July 17-18 with with Andrew Palau speaking.
Over 70,000 people attended the conference at Amahoro National Stadium in
Rwanda's capital city.

At the festival,
more than 5,000 people expressed a desire to place their faith Christ. According
to Andrew Palau, "It is a joy and privilege to see God's powerful
offer of life, freedom and forgiveness so readily embraced. The incredible
response testifies to God's work of reconciliation in beautiful Rwanda."

The festival also
included various events for women, government, business and civic leaders, and
prisoners held at Kigali Central Prison. There was also a Family Fun Zone,
professional BMX and skateboard athletes, and live concerts by Nicole C.
Mullen, Building 429, Dave Lubben, and Rwandan musician and genocide survivor,
Enric Sifa. Andrew Palau also presented the Gospel message.

festival was held in partnership with Africa New Life Ministries, Hope Rwanda, Water
for Life and more than 350 churches. In addition to this, Kigali's city mayor,
vice mayor, city council and all of the city's sector leadership completely
supported the campaign for the festival.

"If the Rwandan
situation can be amended by repentance and forgiveness, and the people here can
be reconciled enough to live together again, it can happen anywhere in the
world," said Bishop John Rucyah, the festival's chairman, according to Palau.

To learn more about the
exciting new growth in Rwanda and additional ministries there restoring hope,

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