Kindness paves the way for unexpected outreach in Zambia.

By October 25, 2004

Zambia (MNN)–A missionary couple, Bill and Marci Hoover, in Zambia befriended a group of young men who pack the public mini-buses with passengers.

They were in Zambia working on other community-based ministries, like an HIV/AIDS education program, the development of a computer-training course, and other related work. So, while they were focused a different area, Christian World Outreach’s Greg Yoder says the nature of kindness brought about a new avenue for outreach.

The Hoovers began being friendly with the young men who call the mini-buses outside their living quarters. These young men were often on drugs or drinking alcohol. They were treated badly by the drivers, whose disdain for the ‘call boys’ was heaped on their heads.

A friendly relationship blossomed over time, and then one day Yoder says, the couple “…just invited them to a dinner one Friday night, and from that, it’s become Bible studies, they’ve also started a soccer team and even started a small business, baking biscuits that they could sell so they could make some money that way instead of just getting people to load in the buses.”

Yoder urges prayer for the young men that their faith remains strong. Discipleship continues through the Bible studies, and fruit is beginning to show. “It’s just exciting to think about the possibilities because it reaches farther than just these small group young men that they’ve ministered to. These young men, some of them, have accepted Christ and made big changes in their lives, which even then extends into their families.”

The Hoovers are on furlough right now, with plans to return in December. They have the people in place to continue the ministry in Zambia while they are on their nine-week furlough.

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