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By November 6, 2015
king's table dance group

King’s Table dance team
(Photo courtesy King’s Table)

USA (MNN) — When it comes to reaching the lost for Christ, there’s a people group most overlook. The special needs community is created in God’s image, too, but sadly gets forgotten by most churches.

With the help of King’s Table Ministries, the developmentally-disabled are getting a seat at the table of God.

“They have incredible gifts that God has given them to use in the Church, and in serving in general,” observes Sally Gallagher.

“King’s Table Ministries has a dance team, and their main goal is they dance for Jesus. That’s their gift, and they love to share that.”

Gallagher helps run King’s Table, which connects the Body of Christ with the disabled community around them. King’s Table staff also help out in special needs schools.

Learn more about King’s Table Ministries here.

2015 at The King’s Table

“This last year, with the school, the church, and the communities of developmentally-disabled people and their families, we’ve had the ability to affect over 2,000 lives,” she shares.



It’s a pretty big impact considering some of the limitations of the ministry.

Though their reach grows every year, Gallagher says funding and resources have kept King’s Table Ministries restricted to the West Michigan area.

The ministry’s first fundraising event, Face2Face With Love, is expected to open doors.

Here’s the scoop: on November 19th, you can celebrate what God is doing through King’s Table–and get a glimpse of what’s ahead in the coming year–at the King’s Table Face2Face with Love Banquet.

Gallagher says they’re hoping to raise $30,000 at the Face2Face Banquet for King’s Table outreach. Seats are going quickly, so reserve your spot here.

“The 12th of November is when we’re supposed to ‘turn everything in,'” says Gallagher.

Growing King’s Table Ministries

While more funding will keep their existing projects going, it will also allow King’s Table to expand into four new communities.

“The fundraising dinner will allow us to start moving in the direction of leaving the greater-Grand Rapids area.”



King’s Table wants to show the universal Body of Christ how to reach and empower the developmentally-disabled for God’s Kingdom.

“The model that we have built over the years involves a church, a school, and…adult foster care homes,” Gallagher explains.

“In every community, you’ll find a church, a school, and adult foster care,” she adds, so the King’s Table model of ministry can be easily replicated.

If you can’t make it to the upcoming Face2Face Banquet, please consider sending help online.

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  • JT says:

    Hey this is cool.
    Our son has been involved in churches over the years–but a special ministry for the developmentally delayed is super.
    Churches have improved over the years. I remember when we ran a developmentally delayed group (78-81) one church in town where 2 of our residents and others from the community went they were pictured in the church as Our (name of program) friends. So things have changed a lot.

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