Kiswahili translation dedicated in Kenya

By September 7, 2009

Kenya (MNN) — Millions of people will be able to understand God's Word thanks to the work of Biblica, formerly International Bible Society/Send the Light. Friday September 4, Biblica dedicated a new translation of God's Word in Kenya.

The group's Vice President Benedict Omollo says, "We launched the Kiswahili Bible. The Kiswahili Bible is not just relevant to the Kenyan market. This is a language that is spoken in eastern and central Africa. We're talking about eight nations that use Kiswahili as a language. So right there we have a target of about 60 million speakers."

While Kiswahili speakers had a Bible, Omollo says, "It's pretty old. It was translated in kind of the context of the King James Version, so it's very, very, difficult Kiswahili."

According to Omollo, "The advantage of the Bible that we dedicated Friday is that it is NIV-like. It is contemporary Kiswahili. It is very, very simple to read and to understand."

Omollo believes it will affect the average Kiswahili speaker. "This is one of the Bibles that you can give to your neighbor; you can give to the people especially in the rural community. It is the language the simplest people can read and understand."

This translation will help with evangelism and discipleship all across the region both rural and urban.

Omollo is asking people to pray. "Let's pray that God opens doors and uses this Bible. Pray that for every person who gets to read this Bible, the Word of God will come alive and would transform their lives."


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