Korea’s pastors and church leaders go GLOCAL

By February 20, 2009

Korea (MNN) — Wycliffe Bible Translators says 46 Korean
church leaders from 21 churches gathered this week for the sixth annual GLOCAL

The idea behind the name centers
around the realization that a local church must be a global church–thus the
term "glocal."

In a day and age when
communications technology has made the
world a kind of 'flat' earth, not only are people more aware of what's happening
elsewhere, but they are able to respond.

This idea also assumes that the
main players in overseas Kingdom work are not trained cross-cultural
missionaries or NGO professionals, but laypeople who take their current
expertise to the field.

The conference highlighted this
concept, and church leaders both celebrated and confirmed God's calling on the local
churches. They're partnering with other
organizations in order to best carry out His mission.

By connecting with
mission organizations like Wycliffe, ministry can be mutually supportive and
enriching. Wycliffe USA's goal is to double its membership by 2014. So ethnic
mobilizers are working with Wycliffe leadership to position themselves for new
growth. Pray for them as they
wrap up their experience and put their learning into practice.

meeting organizers invite you to join them in this prayer:
"Father, we desperately ask for the
presence, the guidance, and the work of Your Holy Spirit to be apparent from
the beginning to the end of this conference.

ask that Your wisdom would show us how to have servant hearts, that Your wit
and humor would allow us to have sincere humbleness and that Your power would
give us strength beyond human measure. Lord, we ask that each speaker would be
filled with You and guided by You.

they speak and encourage the leaders of these local churches, we pray that
their words would challenge and inspire. We ask that You help the participants
be ready to learn, keeping them safe in every way. We praise You and thank You
for what You will accomplish. Amen."

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