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Published on 23 June, 2010

Kyrgyzstan violence continues with raid of Uzbek village

Kyrgyzstan (MNN) — The lull in the ethnic violence in
southern Kyrgyzstan was shattered on Monday when police raided the small Uzbek
village of Nariman, according to Voice of America News.

Police reportedly entered the village in search of
"suspected criminals and weapons." However, rights groups believe the raid was
conducted because of a police officer killed last week. Since then, the interim government extended the state of emergency until June 25.

Open Doors USA has had contact from a pastor in Kyrgyzstan who said firefights, rapes and murders continue in Osh, and most buildings have
been burnt or plundered. The pastor said checkpoints have been established
outside the city, and if people try to escape, they are told to return and
fight for their nationality.

Another pastor has been taking risks, as he transports Christians
and missionaries who have been trapped inside the city to safety.

Estimates for the number of people killed thus far in the ethnic
violence, which began on June 10, vary widely, with Kyrgyz news agency Kabar
reporting 191 dead, while Kyrgyzstan's acting president, Roza Otunbayeva, said
that number should be multiplied by 10. And still, VOA News estimates the death
toll at 2,000.

According to CNN, 300,000 people have now been displaced
inside of Kyrgyzstan, in addition to the 100,000 camped over the Uzbekistan
border. And others remain holed up in their homes, hoping they remain hidden
from the violence.

Join Open Doors USA in their prayer: Father, we pray fervently that You would
put an end to the violence and unrest taking place in Osh and replace it with
complete peace and unity throughout the wider region. We ask that You would
protect the Christians that are in life-threatening situations and continue
comforting them with Your Holy Spirit.

Pray for Christians
to shine their light across the ruins of Osh and tear down ethnic barriers by
reaching out to Uzbeks and Kyrgyz alike.

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