Large distribution of audio Scripture planned in India

By January 23, 2008

India (MNN) — Audio Scripture Ministries', along with their India partner, World Cassette Outreach, hopes to distribute large amounts of
Scripture Listening kits to pastors in India, 1500 kits are planned for this
month alone. The pastors will each receive 5 kits, consisting of a cassette
player and Scripture tapes. The kits will then be distributed to village
families through the local church.

World Cassette Outreach of India was founded in 1980 and is
involved with producing and distributing the spoken word of God. Through the
tapes provided by WCOI, multitudes of Indian people are able to hear Scripture in
their native language. The Bible and portions of it have been translated into
over 79 Indian languages and recorded upon cassettes and CDs. With the tapes, local
churches are also able to reach nonbelievers who cannot read or write, or who
are visually impaired.

Scripture Listening kits are distributed in villages and to thousands of families working in construction or fireworks factories. Some
Bangalore families are involved with the production of scented incense sticks,
and instead of watching TV or gossiping while working, they can listen to Scripture.
As tapes are shared among families, the Word of God constantly circulates
throughout the village.

Kits are distributed to families in villages of Karnataka,
specifically those in and around Bangalore. Families working in factories of south Tamil Nadu also receive the
listening kits. The audio ministry materials provided by WCOI are especially
helpful in bringing hope to victims of violence and natural disaster.

In 2005, listening kits provided by WCOI brought hope to
areas of India adversely affected by a tsunami. More recently, Christian
communities were targeted and attacked by groups led by an influential Hindu
Guru. Attacks took place over Christmas; over 600 Christian homes were looted
and destroyed, 48 churches burnt to the ground, Bibles and vehicles were
torched, and the victims fled to the jungles.

Three refugee camps currently house the victims, and WCOI is
planning to strengthen efforts to provide the Word of God for them. These kits
and tapes will help to replace the written Word of God that was destroyed in
the attacks. Pray that these materials and other needed supplies reach the
victims safely, and that the Scriptural messages will bring them encouragement
and hope.    

Each Scripture Listening kit costs $50 to produce, and funding
is needed. Prayer is also needed for the distribution of tapes, for the
pastors who receive the kits, and especially for the Christians who are
suffering persecution in India. Click here if you can help.

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