A lasting result in East Africa

By April 26, 2016

Africa (MNN/SFM) — East Africa has been ravaged by terrorists and disease. Millions have become refugees or internally displaced people. Thousands of children have become orphans because of HIV/AIDS, being left on their own.

(Photo courtesy of Set Free Ministries via Facebook)

(Photo courtesy of Set Free Ministries via Facebook)

Yet Set Free Ministries’ (SFM) work has saved and changed thousands of lives in the region.

In Uganda — considered to be the birthplace of HIV/AIDS — SFM held a ministry conference for 200 people. Over 40 of the people in attendance were orphans, and listened intently to the eight-hour teaching for a cup of porridge.

This was just the beginning.

SFM saw the immediate and dire need to save kids and communities, both physically and spiritually.

They opened up church doors to provide a free Christian education to those who could not afford school. Within a short amount of time, the small church went from an attendance of 50 people to 750 people – 500 of which were orphans, and are now being cared for and treated like family by SFM.

Other local pastors noticed the change, and asked to be taught how to do the same outreach in their own congregations and communities. Because of the high demand, SFM opened an East Africa office in 2005. Over a decade later, SFM is directing and fully funding a free biblical discipleship center, teaching conferences, and eight individual “Impact Sites” that feed, shelter, and care for almost 3,000 orphans.

(Photo courtesy of Set Free Ministries via Facebook)

(Photo courtesy of Set Free Ministries via Facebook)

SFM is also supplying basic necessities like food, water, and mosquito nets, in order to prevent malaria or other diseases.

Soon, SFM’s International Director, Jeff Stam will be traveling to Nigeria to conduct training in the Steps to Freedom in Christ program.

Nigeria has seen progressive violence as Boko Haram has killed thousands and displaced millions. But, our God can protect anyone.

Will you pray for safety over Stam and for the words he speaks to leave a lasting result on the people attending the training session?

Think back to those 42 orphans in the first training session. Their lives have been forever changed. Pray for God to make an incredible impact like this in Nigeria.

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