Latin America: transforming Gospel-starved areas

By February 19, 2016

Latin America (MNN) — The violence in Latin America has intensified over the years with the rising spans of gangs, drug lords, and human trafficking.

(Photo courtesy of World Missionary Press via Facebook)

(Photo courtesy of World Missionary Press via Facebook)

A recent report from the Brazilian Center for Latin American Studies and the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences showed Brazil was in 7th place worldwide for the murder of women. And last year, Latin America was found to be the most violent region internationally.

Crime and violence have haunted millions in the region and destroyed lives. But could a 48-page booklet make a difference in helping the injustice subside and the grief turn into hope?

World Missionary Press’s (WMP) Scripture booklet outreach is expanding in Latin America and bringing the light of God’s Word into dark corners.

How? Book missionaries are requesting and bringing Scriptures to Gospel-starved areas, which are often the most dangerous or hard-to-reach places.

Overall, the booklets are getting a great response.

(Photo courtesy of World Missionary Press via Facebook)

(Photo courtesy of World Missionary Press via Facebook)

“We’re seeing, as people are willing to go and take the Word, it is being so fruitful…. People are willing to go into areas where violence is in control and reaching people in their homes and establishing a believer center and a Gospel presence, which will spread throughout the region.” says WMP’s Helen Williams. “We see a work among those who are involved in [a sinful] life.

WMP has heard testimonies of book missionaries reporting that whole families have come to Christ, prisoners have been broken over their rebellion, and pimps are seeing the evil they’re committing.

One book missionary shared a story from when he was in Mexico. He went to a home, offering Scripture booklets: the man who answered the door told him he didn’t want any booklets and shot him in the leg. Later, the missionary was in the town and saw the same man. He was afraid he’d be shot again. Instead, the man approached him and told him he’d left the booklets at his house. He had read them and had been saved.

Convicting stories like this are happening all across Latin America. God is giving missionaries the courage they need to press on.

“They’re going to those people. They’re going to the prisons. They’re going to the rough area. They’re facing up to the drug lords. The churches are being bold, and I think that is the key.”

Williams adds, “Whole communities are being transformed, and those that would do violence are no longer in control.”

(Photo courtesy of World Missionary Press via Facebook)

(Photo courtesy of World Missionary Press via Facebook)

People who have found Jesus are still aware of the violence and troubles in Latin America, but now they have hope and peace and know they are not alone.

WMP prints and ships millions of Scripture booklets in more than 340 languages each month. Would you come alongside them through prayer and financial support? Currently, they are producing shipments for Mexico, Cuba, Costa Rica, and Argentina.

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