Latin American youth take on the world of the Great Commission

By July 19, 2012

Colombia (MNN) — Missions fervor is sweeping over Latin America.

"I'd call it a move of the Spirit of God," says Jonathan Shibley with Global Advance.

The Global Advance team was just in Colombia at a conference put on by Youth Solutions. Shibley says, "3,000 young leaders that are just sold out to Jesus Christ came together from seven different countries in South America — Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile — and sold out their lives again to the Gospel, to the fulfilling of the Great Commission."

Many of those present are committed to becoming pastors and missionaries, and others have heard God's call to represent Him in the marketplace. Wherever each faithful follower is going, their deep dedication is an indicator of exceptional things to come.

"We don't look at Latin America just as a mission field. Literally we see it as a mission force to the rest of the world," says Shibley. He says their friendly personalities and versatility allow Latin Americans to fit in easily in other nations. He believes God will use them to reach many around the globe with the Gospel.

The missions fervor sweeping Latin America is undeniable. Youth Solutions has been an integral part of this movement. But teens and young 20s on fire for God in Latin America are coming against huge challenges as they respond.

Shibley says in a culture of pluralism and sensuality, it can be difficult to stay focused on God's will.

"These young people have to fight to stay pure before the Lord and to stay true to Scripture."

Pray that these zealous young people would ground themselves in Scripture and good doctrine. Pray that the Lord would indeed use these passionate believers to make the whole world aware of His Name.

You can see what God is doing in Latin America firsthand in a conference video that Global Advance produced. Click here to watch.

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