Launch Lab propels mission passion

By August 2, 2012

USA (MNN) — Do you have a vision? A dream? An inspiration for something to be used in the Kingdom of God?

Sometimes the hard part is putting hands and feet on those dreams. But with Urbana 12 coming up, you may be just a few months away from unlocking your mission for Christ.

Urbana 12, the largest mission conference in the world for 17-29 year olds, will be taking over St. Louis, Missouri this December 27-31. One new resource they’ve been developing for the conference this year is Launch Lab.

Nikki Toyama-Szeto, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship Program Director for Urbana 12, explains, “Launch Lab is an opportunity for people who have an idea to come and to meet with other folks…. It’s a place where you can meet with coaches, other folks who have sort of gone that path before.”

Launch Labs will function like a creative space on-site at Urbana 12 for networking. “There [are] a lot of people there who may have a similar passion, but different job skills. So you might be able to get connected to a graphic artist who’s also really interested in some of the issues that you’re interested in, and then you guys can work together,” says Toyama-Szeto.

The goal? “We believe people are given passions and skills and opportunities by God to be used for His glory and for the building of His Kingdom. So Launch Lab is one resource to help people who want to make that into a reality,” Toyama-Szeto shares.

And you won’t be without assistance. “There are lots of coaches nearby who can ask you questions and help you think through the next stages of your idea,” Toyama-Szeto states.

After you’ve hit the Launch Lab to develop an idea, you can head over to the Exhibit Hall and connect with those who are already working in a mission field.

Urbana 12 just recently posted the Exhibitor’s profile list and they’re expecting over 200 organizations, schools, and agencies to come exhibit.

According to Toyama-Szeto, “We really look at them as the folks who are in the trenches and know how to apply the Word of God in these specific places. Whether you’re an engineer or a doctor, an interior designer or an English teacher, all of those skills can be put to use in really creative and extraordinary ways.”

An example of one exhibitor Toyama-Szeto is excited to add to Exhibit Hall is a ministry called Jill’s House. “This is a safe camp weekend place for the special needs children and their siblings to go and hear about the Word of God. It’s really a ministry to the families who have this extraordinary task and calling of raising these special children.”

To learn more or sign up for Urbana 12, just click here.

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