Lausanne meeting in Thailand helps mission groups focus

By October 22, 2004

Thailand (MNN) — It’s been a few weeks since the Lausanne Committee for World Evangelism concluded, but that doesn’t mean its impact isn’t still being felt by mission leaders.

SIM International’s USA Director Steve Strauss attended the event in Thailand. Strauss says there were 31 working groups discussing all sorts of issues facing mission groups worldwide. However, he says the issue that SIM will be paying special attention to is evangelism in oral societies. “75-percent of our world learns through means, other than reading. They either can not or will not learn by reading. And, these are oral learners not just in Africa, Asia and Latin America, but also in the west. Our post-modern generation is does not learn largely through literate means.”

This was just one of many subjects discussed. Strauss says it wasn’t done just for discussion sake. “The idea was to take forward each other issues being discussed by these 31 groups and move each one forward. So, they were all issues on the front burner now, like forgotten peoples, holistic mission, the persecuted church, the growing two-thirds world church” and more.

According to Strauss, these are issues that must be addressed in order to be more effective in leading the lost to Christ.

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