Laylat Al Qadr calls for more prayer

By July 13, 2015

International (MNN) — It’s the last week of Ramadan, and every Muslim is searching for God.

(Photo credit: Umar Nasir via Flickr)

(Photo credit: Umar Nasir via Flickr)

No Muslim holiday is more important than Laylat al Qadr, or “Night of Power.” It’s the commemoration of when the Qur’an was revealed to the Prophet Muhammed and falls sometime during the last 10 days of Ramadan.

As such, the last week and a half of Ramadan is thought to be especially spiritual. Midnight prayers are underway in many countries, and thousands gathered in Damascus on Friday to mark Laylat al Qadr, Zahraa al-Derzi reports.

As Muslims step up their efforts, more of your prayers are needed, too.

According to Frontiers USA, 86% of the world’s nearly 2 billion Muslims have never even met a Christian. That percentage can be broken down into 1,108 people groups.

“At the current rate of us getting into these unengaged groups, it’s going to take another 53 years to just send the first teams,” observes Frontiers’ Perry LaHaie.

Reaching Muslims for Christ

Frontiers USA sends teams to unengaged Muslim people groups with one mission: introduce followers of Islam to the One who died to save them. There’s a tremendous need for this mission to be fulfilled.

(Photo courtesy Frontiers)

(Photo courtesy Frontiers)

Over one billion Muslims belong to what the International Mission Board deems an Unengaged Unreached People Group (UUPG) — a people group where “the number of Evangelical Christians is less than 2% of its population and there is no church planting strategy consistent with Evangelical faith and practice underway.”

“In a lot of cases, there are no Christians in nearby areas. There are no Christians to work with,” says LaHaie, explaining why Frontiers sends outreach teams to these areas.

According to the IMB’s latest UUPG report, the largest numbers of Muslim UUPGs are located in Sub-Sahara Africa, South Asia, and the so-called “Arab World.”

“In Revelation 7:9, John has a vision of every tribe, people, language, and tongue exploding in worship before Jesus in the New Heavens and the New Earth…that includes these 1,108 Muslim people groups,” LaHaie notes.

“Are we going to be the generation that helps speed that day? Or are we going to pass it on to the next generation?”

(Photo courtesy Frontiers)

(Photo courtesy Frontiers)

By coming alongside Frontiers, you can help reach Muslims for Christ.

“Someone listening right now needs to ‘get it’ and be a champion for this cause. Someone must be willing to perhaps become a ‘nuisance’ with this message.”

Click here to join a Frontiers team, or help send one. Become a Frontiers USA prayer partner here.

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