Leaders Called Out

By April 16, 2007

Zimbabwe (MNN) — The Micah Challenge, an initiative of World Evangelical Alliance, is calling leaders of Zimbabwe to respond to the current political condition of the country.

Micah Challenge fears that daily political violence is breaking down the authority of the state and those in charge. Mr. Morgan Tsvangiari along with 48 members of the Movement for Democratic Change were arrested and placed in detention and later tortured on their way to a prayer meeting. This is causing fear among the people who are traveling out of the country to surrounding areas. The rapidly-worsening economic situation is also contributing to the movement of Zimbabweans. 

Since freedom of speech is not allowed despite the democracy, bitterness may be growing among those who are not being heard, and the democracy is crumbling. If this political situation continues, it could result in an increase in rebel movements among the silenced parties in an attempt to eliminate the democratic authorities. Micah Challenge fears that these parties will gladly accept terrorist support."

In light of all this, the Micah Challenge global initiative to deepen Christian engagement in impoverished areas is responding. And they have asked President Robert Mugabe to recognize the injustices that are being perpetuated in his leadership. "We call upon you to make sure that these rights are respected so that all Zimbabweans can participate in using their God-given gifts to their full potential, for their benefit, and for the good of the nation," Micah Challenge said in a statement. 

They expressed shock to the Southern African Leaders' silence about the situation. They sought justice, human rights, and freedom during the liberation struggle but are now failing.  "Your approach must be the same yesterday today and tomorrow," Micah Challenge said.

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