Leadership Conference teaches art students to communicate God’s love

By May 29, 2009

USA (MNN) — In June, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship will be hosting SALT09, Stoneworks Arts Leaders Training, along with Stoneworks.

While most of InterVarsity’s chapters are good at communicating with words, not much emphasis is placed on communication through the arts, such as music, film/media, visual arts, dance, etc.

Thus, InterVarsity and Stoneworks have come together to host SALT09.

According to InterVarsity, the goal of the conference is “to encourage students and staff who want to work either within a distinctly Christian context or in mainstream ballet companies, newspapers, symphonies, television stations, etc., so that the voice of Jesus will be heard clearly across the land in new creative ways.”

After the conference, InterVarsity hopes the students will return to their campuses “with a new understanding of evangelism with the arts departments, with some inner healing deeply connected to their identity and with a new awareness of using their arts gifts to connect with real social justice issues.”

The conference takes place from June 8-12 at Belhaven College in Jackson, Mississippi. InterVarsity encourages students with passion and talent in the arts to attend the conference.

The cost is $345 for students and $150 for staff. For more information about scholarships for the event, the conference schedule, and other details, visit salt2009.wordpress.com.

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