Lebanese Christian schools welcome Muslim children

By August 2, 2021

Lebanon (MNN) — Many Christian schools in Lebanon have classes made up of mostly Muslim children. Wissam Nasrallah of LSESD says this isn’t a problem.

Children come to schools like Beirut Baptist School for high-quality education. They also get to see the love of Jesus in action. Nasrallah says, “We’re committed to providing education to the community that is Christian but also excellent. This has been a landmark of evangelical schools to serve students from all faith backgrounds and all social classes, regardless of belief or status. This is a legacy that we have in Lebanon. It started with Protestant Presbyterian missionaries in the 19th century and Catholic missions.”

Trust from the community

These students even take classes about the Bible and attend chapels with their parent’s knowledge, Nasrallah says. It all stems from the trust Christians have built in the community.

And that trust is needed right now, during COVID-19 and the current financial crisis in Lebanon. Nasrallah says, “Our resilience has been stretched thin. At one point we even wondered if we could keep on going. So what we need today is a lot of prayer for patience, wisdom, and discernment to make the right decisions. We want to be able to find favor and grace in the eyes of the community that we are serving.”

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Header photo courtesy of LSESD on Facebook.