Lebanese Christians bring light in a very dark time

By March 24, 2021

Lebanon (MNN) — Lebanon’s middle class has virtually disappeared amid worsening economic troubles. Millions have sunk below the poverty line. Lebanon remains without a functioning government ever since the Beirut explosion last summer.

Wissam Nasrallah of the Lebanese Society for Educational and Social Development (LSESD) says, “the coronavirus is visiting every single family every day. And when you look around Beirut, for the first time, you find people searching in trash bins for food. Every day, people call us asking if we can help them in any possible way. It’s heartbreaking.”

An LSESD partner delivering groceries.

LSESD’s faithful ministry

LSESD has been trying to help families infected by COVID-19, providing groceries and medicine. Nasrallah asks listeners to pray for this ministry. “I would love for our listeners to pray for our staff, for the people who are serving day in day out. Who are there, through a very precious ministry of presence, being the hands and feet of Jesus, next to the hurting next to the vulnerable. Pray for renewed strength, pray for God to sustain them in this period. But also, have a prayer of intercession for our country. This country needs a miracle. We have no hope at all in the people calling the shots today. We need divine intervention for things to change.”

You can get involved with this ministry through financial support at mebo.org. Also, take time to lament alongside Lebanese Christians as they watch their country go through such a dark time.



The header image shows an LSESD partner delivering groceries. (Photo courtesy of LSESD)

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