Lebanese ministry demonstrates the Gospel during border conflict

By March 4, 2024

Lebanon (MNN) — Hezbollah says it would consider a ceasefire on Lebanon’s border if Israel stops military operations in Gaza. Since October, rockets have driven over 80,000 Lebanese away from the border. At least 42 civilians in Lebanon have died, including a 5-year-old girl on February 21.

Christian organizations such as Thimar-LSESD quickly mobilized to help the displaced. MERATH, a ministry of Thimar, provided emergency aid for food, blankets, winter clothing, and hygiene products. Thimar’s Hunter Williamson says, “Thimar remains ready to respond to further needs if things escalate.”

Before the conflict, daily survival was already a challenge for many Lebanese, including Christians. More than 80% of Lebanon’s population lived in poverty due to numerous crises.

“There are Christians in southern Lebanon, and across the country as a whole who are either caught in the crossfire whose lives have been upended by this conflict, or who otherwise in some way or another are being greatly affected by this war,” Williamson says.

In addition to MERATH, Thimar has five more ministries that work together to serve the many needs of Lebanon. Williamson says Thimar supports local Christians while also showing the love of Christ to others.

“Thimar aims for a holistic ministry approach. And in short, that means that Thimar doesn’t just want to proclaim the Gospel, but it wants to demonstrate it as well,” says Williamson.

Get a free prayer guide from Thimar here.

“People can pray for Lebanon and the Middle East as a whole that there’ll be peace, and they can also donate and partner with Thimar through its website.”


Header photo courtesy of MERATH on Facebook.

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