Lebanese protestors block roads amid worsening crisis

By March 10, 2021

Lebanon (MNN) — As Lebanon spirals into financial disaster, protesters have begun blocking roads leading into the capital, Beirut. Many protestors are calling for the removal of Lebanon’s ruling class, who most Lebanese see as completely corrupt.

Nuna of Triumphant Mercy Lebanon explains the level of desperation driving people to protest. “The Lebanese pound has had gone down by 90%. So it’s a big, big recession. And people can’t afford even basic needs anymore, because they’re getting their money in Lebanese pounds. And the Lebanese pound is not buying anything. Some items have been subsidized, like bread, or flour, or gas. But now the government is saying, ‘We are bankrupt, and we cannot subsidize these things.’”

No solution in sight

Nuna says Lebanon will not find a political solution to its troubles. “We don’t see a solution, really, [through] natural eyes. Everybody’s saying, ‘Oh, we’re in a deep crisis,’ but nobody is offering any solution.”

Nuna says most aid for those in need is coming from non-profits like Triumphant Mercy. “As NGOs, I think this is our time to just be there for the people. All the NGOs have been working really day and night for the people, but the government is not doing anything.”

As protests continue, ask God to bring healing to Lebanon. And pray the love of Christians for their neighbors will draw many to Christ.



The header image shows Triumphant Mercy food distribution. (Photo courtesy of TM Lebanon on Facebook)

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