Lebanon: a street view of crisis

By July 26, 2021

Lebanon (MNN) — A Tent Schools International partner in Lebanon recently bought a truck to use as a mobile school for refugee students. But economic hardship in the country has made that a difficult process.

Anne Hamming says, “Every time he needs to go to a government office, he’s had to work around closures. Because the government workers are striking. Their paychecks are now worth roughly five to ten percent what they were before this economic crisis.”

Even when the truck gets registered, it might not be able to run. Hamming says, “We don’t even know if he’ll be able to secure gasoline to get to the refugee camps. Because people are waiting for hours for gas. There has been violence at some gas stations. It takes hours to secure something so basic.”

Providing food

During the crisis, Tent Schools has been providing food for refugee families in Jesus’ name. But even that has proven difficult. Hamming says, “People are living on bread, fruit, vegetables, and what cheeses they can find. Meat has become a rare luxury for everyone.”

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Header photo courtesy of Tent Schools International.