Lebanon approaching “social explosion” warns PM

By July 14, 2021

Lebanon (MNN) — Lebanon’s Prime Minister has warned of a “social explosion” amid the economic troubles in the country. Tom Atema of Heart for Lebanon says this is a warning about civil war. “People are just done with it. And the alternative to being done with it (or even done complaining about it) is actually a revolt, civil war. It could easily turn into one.”


The Prime Minister appealed to other countries for financial aid to help Lebanon out of this mess. Right now, Atema says hopelessness is Lebanon’s biggest crisis. “I sat down with a converted Muslim lady who is a single mom with five children. I asked her what made her start to look at it alternative to her Muslim faith. And she looked at me and with tears running down her eyes. She said, ‘My great-grandfather didn’t do anything to help the economy. My grandfather didn’t help anything. Nobody that I know of in my religion is helping anything for the economy.”

The corruption of government officials caused Lebanon’s crisis, Atema says. Pray they will repent and turn from their greed. And pray many Lebanese will find hope in Jesus. Atema says, “This has opened up a door that’s unprecedented for people to come to looking for hope and coming to faith in Jesus Christ.”



Header photo courtesy of Heart for Lebanon on Facebook.

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