Lebanon considers blocking aid to Syrian refugees

By January 24, 2023

Lebanon (MNN) — Lebanon’s caretaker government is considering blocking aid to Syrian refugees. The move would allow only government-approved organizations to help Syrian refugees in need.

Under the proposed plan, groups like Heart for Lebanon could only enter Syrian refugee camps if they carry out projects that the government considers “just and fair.”

“You’re talking about not only forbidding education from children; we’re now talking about forbidding much-needed basic aid to families,” Camille Melki with Heart for Lebanon says.

“There’s some logic to it (the proposal) – you can only help Syrian refugees if you help locals – but I think it’s a political dance more than anything else.”

Refugees comprise roughly half of the total people living in Lebanon today. Most refugees are Syrians who remain at odds with the host Lebanese community.

“I remind your [readers] that’s what caused the civil war in 1975 – 13 years of deadly war in Lebanon started by Lebanese and Palestinians fighting each other. It seems that history right now is repeating itself,” Melki says.

“[Lebanon’s] political bickering is forcing those two communities to go head-to-head against one another, each blaming the other for their miseries.”

Heart for Lebanon helps both refugees and Lebanese in the name of Christ. Find ways you can come alongside this work here. Most importantly, pray. “Prayer is [at the] top of our list; that’s what we need the most,” Melki says.

“Let’s pray for calm; pray for wisdom, for protection.”



Header image courtesy of Heart for Lebanon.

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