Lebanon suspends classes for Syrian refugee students

By January 27, 2023

Lebanon (MNN) — Lebanon’s ministry of education has decided to suspend classes for Syrian refugee students. Officials claim the decision was made out of concern for Lebanese students.

Camille Melki with Heart for Lebanon says, “This announcement is more political than anything else because our government is putting a lot of restraints on aid given to Syrian refugees, whether educational, whether health care, or whether food parcels or subsidiaries.”

In addition, teachers are being woefully underpaid, with the government offering only 70 dollars per month.  In response, teachers across the country have protested, holding sit-ins in school playgrounds.


The government says 50 percent of any donation money to Lebanon should go to Lebanese families. Melki says, “But here is the question about this request that our government is giving to international donor agencies. Is it meant to really go towards impoverished, underprivileged Lebanese families? Or is it going to end up like any other project under so much corruption, with most of that money going to the pockets of our politicians?”

“So that mistrust between international donor agencies and the government has limited the resources.”

But Heart for Lebanon will continue its education programs for Syrian refugee students. They serve 925 students at two different facilities. One is in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley, and the other is in the South.

Ask God to strengthen the team.



Header photo courtesy of Heart for Lebanon on Facebook.