Lebanon turns 100 in the midst of crisis, catastrophe

By September 1, 2020

Lebanon (MNN) — A century ago today, September 1st, 1920, the state of Greater Lebanon was formed. French President Emmanuel Macron is visiting Lebanon to commemorate the anniversary.

But far from celebration, the shadow of catastrophe hangs over the country. Earlier in August, a stockpile of dangerous chemicals in Beirut’s port caught fire and exploded. The shockwave shattered glass around the city, killed at least 190, and left thousands newly homeless.

And the explosion isn’t the only crisis Lebanon has faced this year. Rex Rogers, President of SAT-7 North America, says, “The people of Beirut, and of Lebanon in general, are resilient people. They’ve experienced so many tragedies, so many crises. Even recently, [they have faced] COVID-19, economic collapse hunger, refugee crises, and social unrest. They’re amazing people.”

SAT’7’s response

Photo courtesy of SAT-7 North America on Facebook.

SAT-7 continues to broadcast hope into Lebanon. Rogers explains how programming came together after the explosion. “SAT-7 scheduled, within the next day, a program called Lebanon Pain and Hope. We put two area pastors on the air, people from the city who grieved with the people and lamented with the people. And then, of course, they answered questions. Where’s God? Has He forgotten us? Why is He allowing these things to happen to our country?”

Since the explosion, SAT-7 has been hosting daily prayer meetings at 6 pm Lebanon time. Rogers says, “That’s the time when the blast occurred. The prayer meetings feature mostly pastors. But there’ll be other Christians, including children, from across the Middle East, praying for the people of Lebanon and praying for the recovery and the rebuild.”

Rogers says listeners can get involved by staying aware of what’s going on in the country, and by supporting the relief work. You can also support SAT-7 as they broadcast hope into a dark situation.

Between civil war, political unrest, and the constant struggle of multiple religions coexisting in society and government, Lebanon’s first 100 years haven’t been easy. Pray God will bless the country as it rebuilds and that many Lebanese will find ultimate peace and hope in Jesus Christ.



The header image shows Lebanon’s flag. (Image by jorono from Pixabay)