Lebanon unveils “Crazy Love” slogan for tourism

By November 23, 2021

Lebanon (MNN) — Lebanon’s tourism minister has unveiled a new slogan. It translates to “Crazy Love,” or, “I love you in your madness.” It means to portray the instability of the country as something to be proud of.

Nuna with Triumphant Mercy Lebanon says this phrase actually captures well the feelings of Lebanon’s Christians. “I love this country, I want to stay. I want to stay even though, really, it’s so unstable. We are on verge of maybe a civil war. We are on a verge of having an Islamization of the country and so many other things. And yet, we just keep our feet here. We just want to love it, and we want to love its people. So I think it is crazy, but I think it’s godly too.”

Staying and serving people is the best way to show that Jesus cares deeply about Lebanon, Nuna says.

Hope for Lebanon

Nuna describes many of Lebanon’s people as downcast and weary. “They look like walking dead. They have no future, no vision, no nothing. Then we just breathe a breath of life into them with a simple word, with a smile, with a word of hope, or with a verse in the Bible. We’re just saying, ‘God is in control. God loves you, God is with you.’”

Whether or not the phrase “Crazy Love” works as a tourism slogan remains to be seen. Nuna says, “I understand when people say this is crazy. This is even crazy to invite people at this time. But why not? It’s not as unsafe as people say that it is. If you watch the news, it’s [portrayed as] complete chaos, but in reality, people are just living.”

Pray the “crazy love’ of the church will bring change to Lebanon. Nuna believes the country will flourish again.



The header photo shows Lebanese children playing a game during an electricity outage. (Photo courtesy of Triumphant Mercy Lebanon on Facebook)