Lecturers have impact on students and teachers

By April 16, 2009

Czech Republic (MNN) — Anyone who has ever worked with youth knows that they can sometimes be unruly. This truth reigns true in the Czech Republic, and even seems to be somewhat magnified. Most of the behavioral issues, however, appear to be only a mask for a real cry for a savior.

I.N. Network youth worker Martin Ruzicka began ministering to these youth in January. The main ministry of I.N. Network in the Czech Republic is to students ages 14 to 18. Youth workers are given the opportunity to give lectures at schools about relationships, sexuality and other pressing issues from a Christian perspective. Several doors are opened to share the Gospel with these students who are in desperate need of it.

Roman Kladivo provides an idea of what Ruzicka will be in for in his new position. Kladivo says that secondary schooling not only has several misbehaved students who are often too old for their grade, but also notes that schools refuse to expel students as a way to acquire more government funding. The environment in these schools is often one of hostility from students and teachers alike.

Kladivo's lectures are informative, but really give him the opportunity to be a positive influence on the lives of students. He provides a testimony of Christ by his views on serious issues and the way he conducts himself. He later follows up with individual students to harvest relationships that may be the starting point of relationships with Jesus.

Whether or not it was the original intention of the ministry, Kladivo is frequently setting an example for teachers. The Lord has used him to share the reason behind his lecture, as well as the Gospel, with teachers. Although it has been a difficult and spiritually-trying ministry for Kladivo, he is clearly making an impact for the kingdom.

Ruzicka is doing similar ministry in public schools and will be able to provide fresh perspective as a new evangelist. Pray that the Lord would give him plenty of opportunities to speak and share his faith.

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