Lent season arrives with a challenge

By February 21, 2011

International (MNN) — The season of Lent begins on Wednesday, March 9, 2011.

In its observation, the individual Christian imitates Jesus'
withdrawal into the wilderness for forty days.

Running for 40 days, the purpose of Lent is to prepare the believer for
Easter through prayer, soul searching, fasting, and giving, as modeled by Christ
on the cross. To the world, it looked
like weakness, but God revealed His power in the resurrection.  

It's a pattern that changes lives. 

Living Water International is trying to see that pattern
replicated, so they're offering the H2O Challenge.

They're urging believers to
make a commitment for at least two weeks of Lent. During that period, make water your only beverage. Save the money that you would normally spend
on soda, coffee, juice, milk, and sport drinks.

At the end of the two weeks, send the money saved to Living
Water International for the drilling of wells in needy communities. It's a simple challenge that families,
churches, youth groups, classes or Bible study groups can take.

Participants are also urged to pray during Lent for
those around the world who don't have access to clean water. 

At the end of the challenge, www.water.cc will
post what happened in the collective project. 

What difference can you make? If you saved a dollar a day for two weeks, you
could provide three families with clean water for a year. If you got your
friends, your church, or your youth group to do it with you, you could reach a
whole village. Every bit really does
make a difference.

is that all the people of the world would have access to clean water and know
God's presence fully. As people catch
the vision, pray that it would bring glory to Christ's name.

There are tools to help. Order the H2O for Lent project kit here.

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