Lepers Reach by Love of Christ

By March 23, 2007

India (MNN) — Lepers are feeling God's love through the word of a national missionary. 

Pastor Kiran of Gospel for Asia is reaching out to those who are in unspeakable situations.  Three years ago Kiran began his ministry in one city in India. 

Lepers are often forced into menial work because of their condition.  They sleep near sewers and trash heaps and must eat food that they have begged to receive or have found in the trash. If they have lost body parts such as fingers, even if they are given food it is difficult to eat it.

Kiran is reaching out to those who are in such advanced stages of leprosy.  While providing food for those he meets, he also shares the story of Jesus. 

He's also helping their children who are ostracized just like their parents.  Because of his love for entire families Kiran was able to reach many people.  About 35 lepers are now attending church services on a regular basis. 

K.P. Yohannan , president for GFA says, "Pastor Kiran and his team are doing a tremendous work for the Lord among these very needy people.  I pray that you will continue your prayer and financial support that is helping us bring eternal hope to the hopeless."

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