Letters encourage widows of Egyptian martyrs

By December 7, 2015
(Video screen shot AINA)

(Video screen shot AINA)

Egypt (MNN) — It’s been ten months since ISIS released a video showing the slaughter of 21 Egyptian Christians. And their martyrdom, each man left behind a family.

Tom Doyle, author of “Killing Christians: Living the Faith Where It’s Not Safe to Believe,” recently traveled to Egypt and visited the widows of the martyred men.

“We went to encourage them and to build them up. We had a national letter-writing campaign to send words of encouragement from the Scripture and from love, from people’s hearts,” said Doyle.

During the letter campaign, over 2,000 letters flooded in along with drawings from children unable to write.

When they gave the letters to the widows, “Many of them cried that they are remembered. We told them, ‘Your message, your husbands’ courage was seen around the world, and God used that for His glory.” We just wanted to thank the families, tell them we love them, we’re praying for them, and the body of Christ came together with the letters and all that came together,” said Doyle.

Most of the martyrs were still in their twenties. One man’s baby was born while he was

Egypt Coptic Church Candle Hector de Pereda

Egypt Coptic Church Candle Hector de Pereda

away working in Libya, but he never made it home to meet his child. Instead, as the men tried to cross the border into Egypt, ISIS kidnapped them. They were kept for 40 days before being killed.

Yet, during those 40 days, under who knows what circumstances, these men held onto their faith until the very end.

“They are modern day heroes of our faith,” said Doyle.

Please be praying for the encouragement of these women and their families. Pray also for God’s comfort in their lives.


  • May the Lord strengthen and comfort them, and their families, and may He meet their every need.

  • Linda says:

    Thank you Lord for the courageous way the men lived and died. May you comfort and provide for their familys. And may we all be that strong in our faith so that we can bring praise honour and glory to your name. in the way we live and maybe the way some of us die too.

  • Throughout Scripture God reveals His special love for widows, orphans and strangers. No doubt He has an even more special place in His heart for widows who have lost husbands who gave their lives for the sake of their faithful witness to Him. May you continue to be sustained by His love and grace and may He be your dearest companion in every way until such time that He provides another Godly mate for you in this life. May God give you peace, comfort and joy day by day. As a woman who was widowed in 2012, though not in the way you have been, I can say that the pain and grief will lessen with the healing of passing time and the blessing of Godly friendship. The legacy of your saintly husbands will not be forgotten!

  • Dear Sister,
    We are so sorry for the loss you have known. May Jesus himself be your peace & husband.. We are thankful for the example of these faithful men! They have brought glory to Jesus. God will take care of you.
    Love in Christ,
    the Cummings Family

  • Sue says:

    Thankyou for loving Jesus and supporting your husband in such a beautiful way. Your husband has shown the rest of the world Who to live for and how to die for Him. Praise God that His love triumphs. May He strengthen and bless you and your family till we all meet one day!

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